Target specific foot problems using one of Flexitol's effective treatment products. The product range has been formulated to achieve visible results in just one day. Fast acting and have been medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels.

Once the foot problem has been treated, ensure the results are not reversed by maintaining the foots hydration. Flexitol's everyday moisturiser will soften and care for dry feet / skin and ensure they are kept in a well-nourished condition.

Happy Feet Tips

Putting your feet first isn’t just a matter of pampering. It should be a priority especially if you want to avoid some of the more common complaints such as calluses, dry, cracked heels and hard skin. We have some quick tips to help keep the skin on your feet in a healthy condition.

1Step 1

Our Heel Balm should be applied to your feet at least once or ideally twice a day if they are really dry. Specific attention should be paid to the heel, but be careful to avoid the gaps between your toes. Body lotion isn't suitable for this purpose, as it doesn't normally contain Urea, which is a key ingredient in improving skin hydration on the feet. 


2Step 2

Maintain good foot hygiene. Wash your feet, and if possible scrub with a bristle brush or Pumice stone, always dry thoroughly between the toes, and change socks daily. 


3Step 3

Inspect your feet regularly - especially if you are diabetic - and pay attention to any change in skin colour, texture or appearance. If you have any concerns, don't delay before seeking professional help if necessary.


4Step 4

Stay active. Walking, for example, is a great way to keep fit and an excellent conditioner for your feet.