The clocks have gone back, the days are getting shorter and we’re on the (not-so-long) road to Christmas! When the weather outside is frightful, what do you find delightful? Staying in bed for a duvet day or braving the great outdoors to get set up in a pub in front of a roaring fire?

STAR PRIZE £200 Luxury Christmas Hamper full of festive treats.

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We’re also giving you the chance to win Flexitol products to help keep your feet in top condition this season.

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Question 1

How does your skin feel in the cold weather?

Question 2

Where’s your favourite place to be on a cold winter’s day?

Question 3

How does the cold weather affect your diet?

Question 4

How do you keep your feet warm in winter?

Question 5

Does the change in season affect your sleep? How much sleep do you get during the winter months?

Question 6

What’s your drink of choice when it’s cold outside?

Question 7

Have you ever used a Flexitol product before?

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The Explorer

Adventure holiday Discover the benefits of Flexitol Hard Skin & Callus Balm
Flexitol Hard Skin & Callus Balm

It may be cold outside, but there’s nothing like fresh winter air. The best way to keep warm is to venture into the great outdoors and get the blood pumping, a little bit of rain or snow isn’t going to stop you. So it’s fleece on, flask of tea at the ready and away you go. Don’t forget, all that walking can take its toll on your feet. Use Flexitol Hard Skin and Callus Balm to soften and hydrate callused and scaly skin once the hiking boots come off.

The Risk Taker

City break Discover the benefits of Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream
Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream

Well, if you can call adventuring out to the pub “risk”. You’re not afraid to put on your big boots to keep your feet happy if you know there’s a glass of wine or – even better – an Irish coffee at the end of it. Once you stumble back home after a hard winter’s day relaxing, reach for the Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream to give your feet a drink of their own!

The Embracer

Beach break Discover the benefits of Flexitol Heel Balm
Flexitol Heel Balm

You love winter for what it is. It’s cold, so you wrap up and keep yourself (and your feet) happy. A mulled wine here, an extra pair of socks there and a few more treats make it one of the year’s best-loved seasons. Use Flexitol Heel Balm to keep your heels hydrated and banish dry skin while you’re taking it easy.

The Hibernator

Spa break Discover the benefits of Flexitol Moisturising Foot Foam
Flexitol Moisturising Foot Foam

Winter for you is all about getting as snuggly and warm as possible. Duvet? Check. Blanket? Check. Big fluffy slippers? Yep! Well, when you do emerge from your cocoon don’t forget to use Flexitol Moisturising Foot Foam. It’s absorbed rapidly, meaning you can care for your feet and get back into your hidey hole super fast!

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4 Steps to Happy Winter Feet

All the running around at Christmas time can take its toll on your feet, so make sure you look after them with the Flexitol range before they hit the dance floor this Christmas party season!

1) Flexitol Heel Balm
Helps banish unsightly cracks and dry skin by hydrating heels with our balm.

2) Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream
Soften and care for your feet with our absorbent cream.

3) Flexitol Hard Skin and Callus Balm
Gently exfoliate callused and scaly skin with our hard skin and callus balm.

4) Flexitol Moisturising Foot Foam
Moisturise and protect delicate skin with our rapidly absorbed foam.

4 Steps to Happy Winter Feet


We’d love to see snaps of you in your favourite winter warmer wellies, boots, brogues or heels in your favourite winter places. So get your phone out down the pub, on the present trail or even in Santa’s grotto and tag your snaps #mywinterwarmers to see them appear in the gallery below.

Hard working feet deserve Flexitol

Hard working feet deserve Flexitol

Flexitol is a range of effective foot and skincare products. Providing treatments for all types of dry skin, consumers and healthcare professionals alike continue to trust and recommend Flexitol.