Help treat foot skincare problems using one of Flexitol's effective products; including Flexitol Heel Balm which has been formulated to achieve visible results in just one day and has been medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet.

Once the foot problem has been treated, ensure the results are not reversed by maintaining the foots hydration. Flexitol's everyday moisturiser will soften and care for dry feet / skin and ensure they are kept in a well-nourished condition.

Beauty Feet

We all like to look our best and, while they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it’s not helped by problems such as; calluses, dry, cracked heels, hard skin and cut and broken skin around the cuticles. So, if you would like to have beautiful feet, here are four things to follow.

1Step One

Ensure you are wearing the right shoes. Uncomfortable footwear or incorrectly sized shoes can be the cause of many foot problems. Also, try to avoid open-backed or thin-soled shoes if you are susceptible to dry and cracked heels, that are best treated with our Heel Balm.


2Step 2

Even though nail art is on trend, and it's cool to be creatively colourful, try not to overuse nail polish. If required, use our Nail Revitaliser Gel to give your nails a treat.


3Step 3

Let your feet breathe, by taking off your shoes and socks in the evening. That’s also a perfect time to give them a treat with some Moisturising Foot Cream.


4Step 4

Your toenails should be cut straight across using clippers. Scissors should be avoided as you are more likely to cut too low or unevenly. To repair, condition and protect the cuticles and skin around the finger and toenails, use Flexitol Cuticle and Nail Cream.