Help treat foot skincare problems using one of Flexitol's effective products; including Flexitol Heel Balm which has been formulated to achieve visible results in just one day and has been medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet.

Once the foot problem has been treated, ensure the results are not reversed by maintaining the foots hydration. Flexitol's everyday moisturiser will soften and care for dry feet / skin and ensure they are kept in a well-nourished condition.

Holiday feet

Sun, sea and sand can cause problems for your feet. But a few little extras in your luggage will ensure you enjoy a happy holiday.

1Holiday Feet

Your holidays should be packed with happiness, and the last thing you want to do his hide away your feet out of embarrassment, or in fear of them becoming dry and damaged. It's much better to look forward to the freedom of fun flip flops and slinky sandals.


2Possible Issues

Some of the issues that can take the edge off your travels are, dry heels, hard skin and flaky skin. But, don't despair, whether they cause concern before you go, or flare up when you're away, here are a few holiday hints.


3Moisturising Foot Cream

Try to prepare your feet in advance, through regular maintenance using our Moisturising Foot Cream, you will soon see how your skin softens thanks to the light and gentle blend of moisturisers. And, if the skin on your feet feels dry while you’re away, the richly formulated foot cream will soon help your skin to be restored to a healthy, well-nourished condition.


4Heel Balm

A certain amount of harm to your feet is almost unavoidable when you’re on holiday, but dryness or hard and flaky skin is easily tackled with our Heel Balm. For more rapid results, use Heel Balm Platinum, to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet this highly concentrated formulation has been developed to restore the skin's natural moisturising factor with 30% Urea in a rich, soft and soothing base.