Help treat foot skincare problems using one of Flexitol's effective products; including Flexitol Heel Balm which has been formulated to achieve visible results in just one day and has been medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet.

Once the foot problem has been treated, ensure the results are not reversed by maintaining the foots hydration. Flexitol's everyday moisturiser will soften and care for dry feet / skin and ensure they are kept in a well-nourished condition.

Summer Feet

Of all the seasons, summer tends to make us more conscious of our feet. Especially when the sun shines and our toes are on show!

1Summertime skin complaints

Summertime foot complaints include; calluses, dry, cracked heels and hard skin. Fortunately, you can always look on the bright side as Flexitol formulations are specially formulated to soften the skin on very dry, cracked heels and feet. Some of the products suitable for summer are as follows.


2Heel Balm

Our Heel Balm will banish any summertime blues by hydrating dry, cracked heels and feet. This highly effective formulation combines 25% Urea with a synergistic blend of emollients, all of which contribute to healthier, softer, well-nourished skin.


3Moisturising Foot Cream

When the heat is on, your feet can become very dry. Our Moisturising Foot Cream contains a light and gentle balanced blend of moisturisers, which are quickly absorbed, to soften and care for your skin.


4Nail Revitaliser Gel

As the weather hots up through the summer months, nails are on show. If your nails aren't up to scratch Nail Revitaliser Gel offers an effective and convenient way to care for and condition discoloured and thickened nails. This convenient gel can be applied to fingernails as well as toenails. 

*Discoloured nails could be a result of a fungal nail infection, please contact your doctor to establish if this is the cause of your symptoms.