Hard Skin and Callus Balm

Hard Skin and Callus Balm


Flexitol Hard Skin and Callus Balm offers a simple and highly effective option for gently removing hard skin, without the need for filing which many people find unpleasant.

Hard and callused skin is usually found on the heel or the balls of your feet. Whilst they do look unattractive they are usually painless, although they can become painful and cracked over time.

Flexitol Hard Skin and Callus Balm has been developed to get to work immediately, gently exfoliating hard skin whilst replenishing moisture to the deeper, newer layers of skin.

“Help prevent unnecessary rubbing from shoes by removing hard skin and calluses with Flexitol Callus Remover.  It’s a multi-action product which has been developed to get to work immediately.”
Emma Supple, leading podiatrist

Other key ingredients and their benefits

Ingredients are carefully selected to offer the best possible results from Flexitol Products.


Skin protector and emollient.


Skin conditioning, hydrating and moisturising.

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urea-01.png urea_blue-01.png

To remove hard and callused skin, massage Flexitol Hard Skin and Callus Balm onto the callus and repeat twice daily, morning and night, until the callus is softened. Visible improvement in the skin can be seen within seven days.

Once cracked heels have been restored, maintain rehydrated skin with Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream. Suitable for everyday use on rough, dry skin on feet and legs.

The Magic of Urea

Dry and cracked heels are commonly caused by a loss of ‘elasticity’ in the skin when dryness sets in, or when the skin thickens and cracks or breaks under pressure, which can occur through everyday activities such as walking and exercise.  In the winter months, central heating, a lack of fresh air, and cold temperatures, can exacerbate cracked heels.  The best treatment is one that contains urea, which is a moisturiser produced naturally by our skin, such as Flexitol Heel Balm. It contains 25% urea and is medically proven to hydrate dry, cracked heels.