Heel Magic

Heel Magic


Flexitol Heel Magic keeps skin smooth, silky and intensely nourished, helping to restore heels and feet to their natural appearance. In a ‘stick’ format, its ‘no mess’ application helps to restore moisture and can be used on an ongoing basis to keep heels in great condition.

“Dry and cracked heels are commonly caused by a loss of ‘elasticity’ in the skin when dryness sets in.”
Emma Supple, leading podiatrist

Other key ingredients and their benefits

Ingredients are carefully selected to offer the best possible results from Flexitol Products.


Skin conditioning, hydrating and moisturising.

Shea Butter

Skin conditioning.

Olive Oil

Skin conditioning.

Coconut Oil

Skin conditioning.

urea-01.png urea_blue-01.png
shea_butter-01.png shea_butter_blue-01.png
olive_oil-01.png olive_oil_blue-01.png
coconut_oil-01.png coconut_oil_blue-01.png

Simply run the stick over your heels and Flexitol Heel Magic’s complex blend of moisturisers will nourish and hydrate your skin. Use twice daily for maximum effect, with visible results in 3 days.

Once cracked heels have been restored, maintain rehydrated skin with Flexitol Moisturising Foot Cream. Suitable for everyday use on rough, dry skin on feet and legs.

How effective is Heel Magic?

The Magic of Urea

Urea is a major constituent of the skin's Natural Moisturising Factor, which improves hydration by increasing the water uptake from the dermis. It enhances the skin's ability to retain water and reduces water loss from the skin and improves the amount of water the skin can hold. For people whose skin lacks the natural moisturising factor, a product containing Urea can be used to replicate this hydration process.