Delivering a high-quality diabetic foot screening.
A practical, step-by-step guide:

Authored by Donna Welch, Advanced Podiatrist, Diabetes. 

Foot screening is the cornerstone of good diabetic foot care. This toolkit aims to provide healthcare professionals with an essential methodology to deliver an effective, high-quality foot screening. The toolkit is not intended as a substitute for practical training but provides checklists to ensure all aspects of the assessment are covered and discussed with the patient.  

This practical, step by step guide contains resources which enable you to:  

  • Conduct a thorough consultation
  • Identify risk factors
  • Classify patient risk
  • Make appropriate referrals
  • Improve patient self-care

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Date: 27.8.2015 Version: 2.0

Authored by Donna Welch, Advanced Podiatrist, Diabetes. This toolkit helps you deliver a high-quality foot screening for your patients with diabetes.


Date: 9.11.2015 Version: 1

Part of the Diabetic Foot Screening Toolkit: The 3 checklists cover 'Questions to ask your patient', 'The physical examination, Step-by-step' and 'Risk classification and next actions'.


Date: 2.11.2015 Version: 1

Part of the Diabetic Foot Screening Toolkit: Patient profile showing the effectiveness of 2 weeks' treatment of Flexitol 25% Urea Heel Balm.

Diabetic foot screening toolkit: Diabetes and your feet leaflet

Date: 27.8.2015 Version: 1.1

Part of the Diabetic Foot Screening Toolkit: This leaflet outlines diabetes and foot care for diabetic patients.


Diabetic foot screening toolkit: Patient Poster - Professional Footcare, every step of the way

Date: 4.1.2016 Version: 1

Part of the Diabetic Foot Screening Tool Kit: Informative poster on the importance of foot care with diabetes.


STEP IN guide

Date: 1.12.2016 Version: 1

The STEP IN guide; a pocket-size consultation guide to help quickly assess foot health at every diabetes consultation, including information on what symptoms to look out for when routinely examining patients' feet.

Additional Professional Resources

Patient Leaflet 1

Date: 15.12.2015 Version: 1.1

The first steps towards healthy feet.


Flexitol Professional Prescription Pad

Date: 20.10.2016 Version:

Flexitol prescription pad which enables you to order the 25% Urea Heel Balm and the 10% Urea Cream.

Patient Support Pad

Date: 4.8.2017 Version: 1

Pad of tear off sheets to provide patients with information on a daily footcare routine as well as establishing a simple plan for long term healthy skin on their feet.